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We are currently offering FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING AND DELIVERY on all artworks sold !!
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Lucie Pacovska

"Lucie is a native of Prague who chose to make Dublin her home. Her attraction to the capital city came about as a result of her interest in Irish history and mythology. She also wanted to experience the Irish art scene at first hand. Lucie studied Art and Design in Prague and it was while she was studying Life Drawing that she became fascinated by the human form and in particular the female body. This has lead Lucie to her chosen style of Abstract Figurative painting.

Lucie loves the wildness and tranquillity of Kerry which she finds inspiring and occasionally she deserts the Dublin Metropolis to disappear into its wilderness to paint and to think. When Lucie was invited by Noelle Campbell Sharp to take up a residency at the Art Village at Cill Rialaig she jumped at the chance. Her time in Cill Rialaig was most productive and gave her time and the space to hone her artistic skills.

Lucie Pacovska’s work is complex as it attempts to go beyond the purely physical it looks into the deeper reaches of the soul. Take the title of some of her painting for instance “Lady Jealously”, “Hurt by You”, “Scars” They portray aspects of the human condition – feelings, emotions experienced by most of us at some stage in our lives. But her complexity does not mean inaccessibility – her oils in brash primary colours are a joy to look at. In other words one does not have to understand the mind of the artist to enjoy her work-but it does help.

What I like about Lucie’s work is that it is forever reinventing itself and in each new exhibition there is a freshness in thought and form. Stagnancy is not a word in Lucie’s vocabulary. And this is very true of her new exhibition which opens in Ivy Gallery in Tralee next Month the 2nd September. In this exhibition there are twelve works for sale all lusciously colourful. As the saying goes there is more to it than meets the eye. In these new paintings Lucie explores the personality behind the mask which we all wear and the truth behind the mask can be disturbing. The women in her paintings all wear masks – this is how the artist views humankind. Once the mask is removed the real person comes forth” - Shay Howell.  Shay Howell is a Dublin based Antiquarian Book and Print seller and formally a Senior Television Researcher with RTE