We are currently offering FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING AND DELIVERY on all artworks sold !!
We are currently offering FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING AND DELIVERY on all artworks sold !!
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Violetta von Rauschenberger

"I'm Violetta, the owner, and creator of Violet Create. I've always loved being creative and had a passion for art. Growing up, painting was the first thing I ever expressed interest in. I've been painting since I was a teenager and find peace in each brush stroke.
I came to Ireland as a young girl and I fell in love with the welcoming people and the peaceful landscape of this green island. Art was always a hobby but when I was studying at Griffith Collage in Dublin Design I realised my true dream and desire through my esthetics - was to be an artist. For the last past two years, I spent most of my Saturdays taking my time and self-study art and learning new techniques.

My instinct to express myself through art came from a passion to record my own impressions of an ever-changing Irish landscape and the people I had made during my time there.
Being drawn to the aged elements of earth, and the enjoyment of studying nature and people has been an inspiration for my art. From painting portraits, and landscapes or even creating floral wreaths my art possesses a unique appearance. 

Watercolour portraits are my forte, along with oil landscapes where I try to capture the soul and real character of the person or place.  I like to share the emotions and feelings and show the real true colours. I do believe that each human being is connected with our mother nature. My art represents people that I had met and places that I know so well from my travels.

After a long day, when I have a moment to myself I like to dust off my canvas and sit down for an afternoon to paint. This is what makes me truly happy and helps me to go through everything. I've found that I do my best work when the windows are open, the best piano playlist is on, and I have a moment to unwind and put my thoughts and memories onto my paintbrush. This is my personal celebration of a simpler life. Creativity is something that I find very important in the current economic climate, in the busy, stressful, urban life. Getting a cottage with chickens and a garden to paint is a dream that I hope one day will come true.! - Violetta von Rauschenberger
(nee Borawska)