We are currently offering FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING AND DELIVERY on all artworks sold !!
We are currently offering FREE WORLD WIDE SHIPPING AND DELIVERY on all artworks sold !!
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Valeria Gava

Valeria Gava was born in Genoa, Italy in 1990. She began to draw as a child showing an evident predisposition for art. She graduated from the Paul Klee High School of Art in Genoa and later graduated in Graphic Design at the Accademia Liguistica di Belle Arti in Genoa, thus approaching painting, photography, sculpture and illustration. Her artistic career came to life when she decided to move abroad for a few years between Spain and Ireland. During this period she worked in a number of art institutes, museums and galleries that gave her the opportunity to explore herself and her art, the detail of art, of natural forms captured in their simplicity, of colours, lights and contrasts.
In photography, she explored nature as the main theme, one of the fundamental themes to bring and express in all her works. In her projects she wants to develop it and enhance it at its best in all its beauty; beauty in capturing detail, a movement, a contrast between light and shadow, a colour, a nuance… making the work itself express more art forms, a photograph but also a painting, because of its natural “imperfection”.
In her painting, on the other hand, we always find nature as the main theme, but this time also the dream, the unconscious, memories, the family… expressed through the use of a few colours, simple lines and essential forms with a strong expressive charge accentuated by material elements sewn into the canvas such as copper and brass. Her works have been exhibited both in Italy and abroad and still today she continues to participate in numerous artistic events and collaborate with artists and art galleries.

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